Monday, March 14, 2011

Summer Weight loss Challenge

This is one of the few areas in life you want to be the loser! Since I started in Feb I have lost 5 1/2 inches and 6 pounds. I am super excited about this! I also just started a Summer Weight loss Challenge on Facebook with some friends. Be have a $20 buy in and its from today till the first day of summer. Hope I win! We are posting our weight (taking a picture of ourselves on the scale to display the number)
it says 190.6, and I'm only 5'2!

So far no sugar has been going pretty well! I can still satisfy sweet cravings without eating sugar!


  1. I really like the facebook competition idea and taking your picture on the scale. I may have to try that with my online friends. I'll continue to follow your journey. Keep up the good work. Priscilla

  2. Hey Jess, saw you stopped by and became a follower of my blog so thought I would return the favor. :-) I went back and read your old posts and I had to laugh at myself a bit. If I prayed everytime I had a craving for food I shouldn't be putting in my body I would be living in a constant state of prayfullness. :-) I guess there are worse states to be in. I look forward to following your journey!