About Me

I have been focused on my weight since my Junior year of high school, the first time I every 'dieted'. I did Weight Watcher and lost 25 pounds putting me at 135 at 5'2 and wore a 6/7 to my high school prom. It has been a up and down battle ever since. Put on the college Freshman 15 +15 during my 4 years at school. Then like any bride to be I lost 15 for the wedding but quickly put it back on plus an additional 15.

I first learned about Eating Clean about 4 months before I got pregnant with my first son I weighted 182. I gained only 23 lbs thanks to the principles of Tosca.

I got within 2lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight (3 months after David was born January 14, 2010) and found out I was pregnant again. I had Elliot Dec 30, 2010, I gained 26 lbs. I am desperate to be healthy and slim again.

I want to have energy to take care of my husband and boys and I won't be able to with 190+ lbs on my 5'2 frame.